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Why Omnichannel is important for increasing customer satisfaction

Omnichannel platforms are the future of online customer services. Offering a seamless and consistent service across multiple channels, omnichannel platforms enable businesses to offer consistent and effective communications to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The way businesses and their customers communicate has changed a lot over the last decade and this digital evolution shows no signs of slowing down. Organisations now need to consider being available across social media platforms, webchat, emails, telephone, and many more channels if they are to offer their customers a convenient route of contact.

Omnichannel platforms offer just that; as a flexible solution designed to ensure organisations have a point of presence at every stage of the digital journey, omnichannel platforms make it easier than ever for businesses to provide a seamless and consistent experience, no matter which channel their customers prefer.


What is an omnichannel contact centre?

Omnichannel is a strategy many businesses take to ensure they’re able to effectively communicate with all their customers across every available channel. For many businesses, managing the multitude of channels now available to the modern consumer is a tough task and one that needs specialised tools to manage the job.

The modern contact centre, or customer service department, requires a dedicated platform to be able to manage customer relationships and loyalty. CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Solution) platforms allow businesses to access different channels with ease alongside a host of other features.

Omnichannel contact centres, on the other hand, are much more advanced. Combining both the voice and digital experience, omnichannel contact centre platforms make it easier for agents to manage consistent customer communications across all available channels, allowing businesses to further drive productivity, customer loyalty, and brand recognition.

What are the benefits of omnichannel contact centres?

Consumer behaviour is constantly evolving and for many businesses, keeping pace with this change is a matter of sink or swim. The modern consumer now expects organisations to be available across all social media platforms, voice, online messenger, and email, and to be able to answer questions or complaints in a timely and effective manner. There’s no denying that this is a big ask for many businesses, but the risk of not providing this service could be losing customers and revenue.

Omnichannel contact centre platforms are the solution to this problem and bring a host of benefits with them, such as real-time statistics and application integrations. The platforms allow customer service agents to manage customer queries easily across all platforms, normally from a single dashboard. This allows customers to know that their question or problem is valued by the business which they’re considering/have already purchased, and in turn, builds customer loyalty and credibility.

A survey found that 75% of customers desire a consistent experience, regardless of how they engage a company, while 64% of customers want to shop with companies that can meet their needs in real-time.

The modern consumer is no doubt demanding, but omnichannel contact centres have been designed to make it easier for businesses of every size to access features that provide customers and prospects with consistent and informative service.

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