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Our mission

Is to make interactions for you and your customers feel exceptional.

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Our Brand Pillars

Our team strives for excellence in every aspect of our operation.

Leveraging over two decades of industry knowledge, we know how to deliver the perfect platform to help end-users excel, informed by over a century of combined team experience.

Technology is changing all the time and must be explored.

We listen to the contact centre industry, constantly researching, interrogating user behaviour and testing new technologies to keep our solutions at the leading edge of the market.

The experience of our partners, and end-users, is paramount.

That means delivering the experience they need to succeed, though a robust, bespoke and reliable contact centre platform that provides the best experience for callers and agents alike!

With no direct sales team, we rely on our partners to expand.

Last year, we grew by 33%, and want our partners to grow just as much. So, we put partners at the heart of our business, providing them with a range of sales and marketing support tools. 

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Why TelXL?

You’ve never met us, but you know us.

For over 20 years, we’ve been crafting the best possible experience for contact centre decision-makers, agents, and their callers. In that time, we’ve delivered some of the most successful platforms to the channel.

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