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TelXL Celebrate the Successful Launch of its Partner Program

The TelXL team recently celebrated the launch of PartnerXL, the new partner program which will bring TelXL’s contact centre solution, Cxp, to the Channel.
 PartnerXL Announcement-1

The team came together to raise a glass to the success of the partner program and to thank staff for their hard work and dedication that preceded the launch.

The expertise and teamwork of the TelXL team were the themes of many toasts and speeches after they showcased their skills and commitment in the year leading up to the launch.

The office gathering allowed the team to celebrate another successful launch in TelXL’s portfolio after the triumphant launch of Cxp earlier in the year.

PartnerXL Announcement-2

“I am so proud of the team and what has been achieved over the last year. It took the significant efforts of every single member of staff to get to this key milestone.

“At TelXL we have been quietly and successfully serving the UK Channel for over 20 years, but now through our dedicated PartnerXL program we can give more UK Channel businesses the opportunity to access this exciting proposition and our exceptional customer experience platform.”
Aaron Fox, TelXL, CEO

To discover more about PartnerXL, including how you can get involved, read our PartnerXL launch release.