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Payments, PCI and the TelXL Toolkit – PCI Telecom

PCI Telecom are one of TelXL’s most established resellers, with a relationship now stretching back nearly 20 years. We talked to Christian Coe, CEO of PCI Telecoms, to understand what TelXL offers him and his business and the value that this derives.

Who are PCI Telecom?

PCI Telecom are a leading and growing UK-based provider of payment solutions to sectors that include retail, financial services. PCI Telecom are a value-adding reseller, with TelXL’s technology an important part of PCI Telecom’s secure payment proposition.

Why did you start working with TelXL?

For PCI Telecom, TelXL have now been a partner in different guises, for well over a decade. Christian explains that the relationship has been a fundamental part of his own business’ conception and subsequent journey:

It was TelXL’s feature rich and flexible telephony toolkit which originally created the foundation for the business idea on which PCI Telecom was built. We had a customer from the rail industry that suddenly needed to move from being a small call centre operation of 4 people up to one that was several times that size, after a large contract came in. It was here then that I recognised how adaptable TelXL’s technology was and scope for what it allowed me to do. On the back of this contract, we were then able to win others and our business was born.”

What does TelXL provide you with?

PCI Telecom have subsequently developed their own platform and services over many years. However, during that time, they have always come to rely on TelXL as their telecommunications and solution-provider of choice for the telephony connectivity and IVR elements of their product.

“The technology is highly resilient and the features allow us to build both packaged solutions and bespoke services,” Christian explains

“Specifically, we rely on flexible nature of the TelXL’s IVR products and the value-adding capabilities that they present: They allow us to develop our compliant, secure payment service, which is particularly valuable for contact centres.”

Another important offering from TelXL from Christian’s perspective is their real time billing. Not all providers offer it, which “might be surprising”, says Christian. “What it means that at any point in time, a customer can freeze their operation and see a real time cost for what they are using. This is very useful for us and our clients managing their business.”

What value do you particularly get from TelXL?

Christians tells us that “we have used TelXL’s technology time and again in our solution, so they are an important part of our business.” However, it is the approach TelXL takes to his business which is the thing that stands out:

“We have particularly valued TelXL for customers where there are intricate or complex and unique challenges to solve. We know that with larger vendors, they may often be reluctant and unwilling to collaborate with us, due to their business models and focus. However, with TelXL, we have developed a very strong relationship over nearly 20 years. They know our business, always take an interest in and always work to support our aims to meet our clients’ expectations or address a market opportunity. If we want to add a piece of functionality, they’ll try and help us to build it in.”

This approach has helped Christian to build some successful propositions in the marketplace: “In recent years, working with TelXL has allowed us to productise our offering more easily, so that it can become available to the smaller end of the SME market. It is now very easy for people to buy. The flexible approach TelXL took on the commercial angle of their service meant that I could also simplify our pricing and make it competitive to this segment, on areas like concurrent licences.”

“We have even sold our product to to a relatively large CCaaS provider in recent times, to fulfil their requirement for a payments solution, in part thanks to TelXL’s help!.”

“More recently we have been working with TelXL’s support team, to work on APIs and integrations to build our offer. Again their collaborative approach has been incredibly helpful.”

In summary, Christian notes that “in today’s very competitive world, TelXL’s prioritisation of our relationship and their willingness to work with us on our journey, is critically important to us, particularly as TelXL’s technology forms such an important part of our offering.”

How would you describe TelXL in three words or phrases:

Collaborative partners
Resilient, flexible technology
Experts in communications