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The TelXL team welcomes their kids to work

Yesterday TelXL hosted its annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day at our headquarters in Redditch.

As the best kept secret in Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS), we wanted to start with some education closer to home by inviting the teams' families into the office for a day of games and sessions around communication.

After a meet-and-greet to settle in, the day started with a session on Morse Code – learning how to send and decrypt messages – as well as understanding how non-verbal methods of communication work, and why they are important.

Quick snack break taken, the kids had the chance to interview their parents – find out what they do, who they work with, as well as more important questions like ’Which superpower would help you best at work?’. Some answers were more surprising than others…

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20230817_100214 (1)

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The afternoon included an interactive game session, and a cinema experience with Emoji Movie. 

Some readers might remember a time before the emoji. Prior to the images now adopted by almost all web and mobile software across the world, there was the emoticon, first suggested as a text-based way to replace language in 1982 – think :-) or :-(. Wingdings, the font released by Microsoft in 1990, was the first to include pictographs in rich text and is still in use today! 

If you want to be focused on driving best-in-class customer experience, it’s important to have the ability to utilise the right methods of communication based on others’ needs – especially those beyond traditional voice – something our industry has had to adapt to as part of the digital revolution.